Latex Catsuit

Latex catsuits come in a variety of types. Not everything that is labeled latex is actually latex.

  1. Latex Suits – these suits are made of true latex material. Latex is essentially rubber, or a form of rubber. However, latex is expensive, and that is why all latex clothing is expensive as well. Catsuits usually run in the range of $200-$600. The Black Night Latex Catsuit from Jenny Landis is mid-range priced (pictured). Latex clothing has unique feel and look, and that is why it’s very popular with the fetish and BDSM scene. When worn, it feels like second skin.

    Black Night Latex Catsuit

  2. PVC / Vinyl Suits – for example, the suit on the right is a PVC Suit (Dom Queen PVC Suit by Jenny Landis). These suits are made from a material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It’s made to resemble latex/leather. It’s shiny and durable. However, it is not latex, nor is it rubber, and it is significanly (3-4 times) cheaper than latex.

    PVC Vinyl Suit (Not Latex)

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