JENNY LANDIS "Kelly" Cat Tail Butt Plug | Kitty Play Anal Plug
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JENNY LANDIS "Kelly" Cat Tail Butt Plug | Kitty Play Anal Plug

Foxy Creatures by Jenny Landis

Buy the perfect cat tail butt / anal plug for kitty (kitten) play! This toy is manufactured in US by Jenny Landis.


A soft and furry cat tail about 12 inches in length with a soft butt plug. Gets in comfortably and stays there. Tail moves realistically along with movements of your tush.

Cat tail: 12-15 inches
Butt Plug: Large: 5 inches X 1.5 inches OR Medium: 3.5 inches X 1.0 inches.

Materials: Plug is made from soft rubber gel formulated specifically for adult toys. It is 100% phthalate free. Tail is faux fur.


Kitty play is a very fun activity. Also known as BDSM Kitten Play, it is a form of Animal Role Play, a type of role play where someone pretends to be an animal. It involves one partner dressing in a feline costume, while the other is usually a master. At CTOutlet, you can buy all sorts of fun kitty play accessories and toys, such as the cat tail butt plug on this page.

A very fun version of kitten play is for the kitten to wear the costume but then play as if parts of the costume became real, and the kitten has permanently become half kitten / half woman, and is freaked out by the whole ordeal. The master, it turns out, has tricked the kitten into wearing this magic costume, so that he can have her as a pet permanently.

Made in USA by Jenny Landis

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