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Josie Female Latex Mask
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Josie Female Latex Mask


PlayMask (TM) Josie - The ULTIMATE Female Latex Mask

Josie is a lovely woman with high cheek bones, a pretty face, gorgeous nose, thin eyebrows and porcelain white teeth. Want to be like her? Or, more precisely, want to BE her? Then get this mask, and just in seconds, you can assume the identity of this hot gal. Combine it with a cute wig and a pretty outfit, and you have yourself made! Perfect for crossdressing, role-play or anything else you can think of.

Our masks are the most female realistic masks available - offered at the low price. Female latex masks are worn to create a female looking appearance in seconds without any complicated makeup. Just slide our pull-over mask over your face and enjoy!

Note: this is a professional movie quality realistic female mask.

Size: one size fits all

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Alison Long Wig

Amanda Long Wig

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